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Designated gifts may be directed to a special program or department at Sky Lakes Medical Center. The funds below are some of the many that have been established for specific needs.

Breast Cancer Fund

Helps finance mammograms or breast cancer treatment.

The Cancer Endowment Fund

With input and support from the Cancer Advisory Committee, this fund provides financial support for patients, purchases supplies and equipment at the Cancer Treatment Center, and pays for materials for support groups. Money in this fund comes from the realized gain from the Cancer Endowment Fund.

Diabetes Services

Assists qualifying patients in receiving diabetes self-management education.

Hugh Currin House Fund

Covers operating costs for this facility designed to provide critical care patients with a place to stay while they undergo life-saving treatment at Sky Lakes Medical Center.

Resource Management Fund

Used to provide assistance for patients. Assistance can be to help purchase clothing, gasoline, food, rent or other needs identified by Sky Lakes staff.

Maternal Child Health Fund

Purchases car seats for new families, provides comfort and support materials for families that experience the loss of a baby, and assists with the purchase of equipment for the Family Birth Center.

Wellness Program Fund

Some Wellness Center participants are unable to afford our Weight Management Program, despite meeting qualifications to join. By making a tax-deductible donation to the Wellness Program, you can change lives. We have witnessed firsthand how weight loss empowers participants, changes their perspective on life, how they feel minute to minute, and helps them realize their very best selves.

Downtown Park in Dr. Stephanie Van Dyke's memory

Stephanie Van Dyke, MD, was a beloved friend and colleague, a tireless champion for healthy choices, and a staunch proponent for her community who died in a January 2017 sledding accident. You can honor Dr. Van Dyke’s memory and help continue her work by contributing to opportunities for outdoor activities at a new park in downtown Klamath Falls.

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To learn more about Sky Lakes Medical Center Foundation's funds, email Foundation director Lauren Jespersen, or call 541.274.4768.

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For inquiries related to personal health conditions, seek advice from your physician. Sky Lakes patients can communicate securely with their physician's office through the MyChart patient portal.

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