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Notice to Patients: Data Security Incident

About us

Community gifts, large and small, have built Sky Lakes Medical Center. Since 1985, the Sky Lakes Medical Center Foundation has been raising, managing and distributing funds to benefit our patients.

The Sky Lakes Medical Center Foundation adheres to the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy standards of professional ethics. To learn more about the Sky Lakes Medical Center Foundation, email Foundation Director Lauren Jespersen or call 541.274.4768.

Very few hospitals today can maintain the best in healthcare technology and services without the help of some very special friends—their benefactors. Each year hundreds of generous donors—many of them former patients, foundations and local business leaders—contribute to the Sky Lakes Medical Center Foundation, making a difference in the lives of countless people who depend on their community medical center.

Learn more about the Foundation's funds. Donate today at our Giving Center.

The Sky Lakes Medical Center Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation set up exclusively to receive donations to support the medical center's programs and capital equipment needs.

There are a number of ways you can help. Make a tax-deductible contribution using our secure online tool. To make a contribution or to contact the Sky Lakes Medical Center Foundation, please call 541.274.4768.

Overseen by a volunteer board of directors composed of community leaders, the foundation is dedicated to helping Sky Lakes Medical Center fulfill its mission of reducing the burden of illness and injury and improving the health of the communities it serves.

Foundation board

  • Marty Ledgerwood, Chair.
  • Tom Schiess, Vice Chair.
  • Amy Boivin.
  • Erin Cox.
  • Ray Holliday.
  • Chris Kandra.
  • David King.
  • Sarah Nevue.
  • Jennifer Scanlan.
  • Karen Hoggarth.
  • John Bell.
  • Doug McInnis.
  • Heidi Neel Biggs.
  • Jean Phillips.
  • Dr. Wendy Warren.
  • Dr. Holly Montjoy.
  • Rod Wendt.
  • Paul Stewart.