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Sky Lakes Medical Center

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Inpatient care




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Speech and language pathology

Sky Lakes Medical Center provides a full spectrum of treatment and diagnostic services.


We consistently attract highly trained and highly skilled medical professionals from prestigious medical institutions around the country. Each is committed to providing the Klamath Basin community with the same high quality of care one might find in some of the country’s best-known medical systems.


We follow a strong belief in treating the whole person, not merely the illness or injury. It is our compassion for patients and families in times of need that sets us apart from other healthcare facilities and enables us to attract such high-caliber physicians, nurses and support professionals.


The quality of our medical center goes well beyond the advanced medical equipment and technologies we utilize in treatment. Everything is logically laid out to provide an exceptional continuity of care. Should you need one of the hospital’s services, such as an x-ray, oftentimes the equipment can be brought conveniently to your bedside. Furthermore, everyone works as a team, with all treatment information streamlined so there are no gaps in communication.


You’ll also find unexpected touches: Patient rooms that can accommodate a family member, keeping your loved ones close by through the night, and quiet rooms that offer serenity for reflection or meditation.


In every sense, we are here to provide comfort and healing to you and your family in any way possible.