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Your care as a Sky Lakes patient is important to us. Sky Lakes clinic providers concentrate on caring for you in outpatient settings, and so you get the best possible inpatient care, we rely on hospitalists.


A hospitalist is an expert in taking care of people while they are in the hospital and is available 24/7 to you or your loved one while here.


In addition to their core expertise managing the clinical problems of acutely ill, hospitalized patients, our hospitalists:


  • Provide prompt and complete attention to patient care needs including diagnosis, treatment and necessary medical procedures (within their scope of practice).
  • Collaborate, communicate and coordinate with other physicians and healthcare personnel caring for hospitalized patients.
  • Ensure the safe transition of patient care within the hospital, and from the hospital to the community, which may include oversight of care in post-acute care facilities.


Sky Lakes hospitalists share a sophisticated electronic medical record with area clinics as well as other hospitals in the state, so your primary care provider knows what is happening with you in the hospital and the hospital provider has access to your clinic records and medications.

Sky Lakes Hospitalists