Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic

Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic

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We provide skilled imaging expertise along with consultative care plans for patients with complicated pregnancies.


Whether patients are enjoying a relatively easy pregnancy or have specific concerns or risks, our prenatal screenings offer the most advanced care available.


We welcome both high- and low-risk women for routine ultrasounds and first-trimester screenings as well as cutting-edge AIUM-accredited Level II diagnostic fetal anatomic evaluations and fetal echo.


While we are happy to see any pregnant mother, those with the following are at particularly elevated risk for fetal anomalies and should be offered the most detailed anatomic screening:


  • Family history of congenital anomaly
  • Known or suspected congenital anomaly
  • Fetal growth disorders
  • Nuchal translucency > 3mm
  • Maternal genetic mutation carriers
  • BMI > 30
  • Multiple gestation
  • Maternal chronic disease (e.g., diabetes, thyroid disease, seizure disorders, rheumatologic disorders, etc.)
  • Maternal drug or teratogen exposure
  • History of stillbirth
  • Pregnancies from IVF
  • Maternal age > 35 years old at delivery
  • Abnormal screening for fetal aneuploidy including failed analysis.
  • Suspected fetal infection
  • Isoimmunization
  • Amniotic fluid abnormalities.


Patients are provided professional information covering a variety of pregnancy-related health concerns in a compassionate caring environment.

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