General Surgery

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General surgery is the surgical care of the chest, abdomen and vascular system, including single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS).


No matter what surgical procedure you are considering, we understand that you expect the best possible medical care. That’s what we want for you too.


Our General Surgeons

Whether your procedure is performed on an outpatient basis (no overnight stay) or you need to stay in the hospital for a time (inpatient), your safety and comfort are our primary concerns.


We offer comprehensive care so you can rest assured that no matter what happens during your procedure, we have the experience and technology to handle it appropriately.


Our surgical services include:


  • ENT: Surgical care of the ear, nose, and throat.
  • Gastroenterology: Surgical and nonsurgical treatment of the digestive system.
  • General surgery: Surgical care of chest, abdomen and vascular system.
  • Gynecology: Surgical care of female reproductive system.
  • Obstetrics: Surgical newborn delivery.
  • Ophthalmic: Surgical care of the eyes.
  • Orthopedics: Surgical care of bones, muscles and joints, including procedures involving the neck and spine.


The department of surgery includes the operating rooms, post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), and the day surgery unit (DSU).


South Cascade Surgery Center, a hospital outpatient department of Sky Lakes Medical Center, located in the Medical Office Building, is used for qualifying same-day orthopedic procedures.


Sky Lakes Medical Center has six surgical suites and additional rooms set aside just for cystoscopy and endoscopy.


Select registered nurses, surgical technologists and perioperative nursing assistants staff the surgery department.


The PACU has eight patient care areas where patients receive care immediately following procedures. It is staffed by specialized registered nurses.


There are 15 patient care bays in the DSU.


The anesthesiologists at Sky Lakes are independent physicians who have their practices at the medical center.


Sky Lakes Medical Center voluntarily undergoes regular surveys by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). DNV accreditation requires that our facility pass strict guidelines for equipment, staff, hospital access and anesthesia administration. We strive to provide our patients with the most pleasant, safe and positive experience possible.


Laparoscopic surgery


With SILS, nobody needs to know you’ve had surgery.


The SILS will take the scars out of your abdominal surgery. By utilizing this SILS device, your surgery will be performed through your belly button. Then, once the procedure is complete, we simply close the belly button.


Most surgeries result in no or minimal scarring. And because of the minimally invasive nature of the surgery, most recovery times are greatly reduced. Using technology to achieve better patient outcomes—that’s a commitment we make to our patients. That’s technology to heal.


A few examples of laparoscopic surgery are:


  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
  • Laparoscopic appendectomy.
  • Laparoscopic hernia repair.
  • Laparoscopic colon/bowel resection.
  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy.
  • Laparoscopic splenectomy.