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Center for Total Joint Care

The Center for Total Joint Care at Sky Lakes Medical Center brings a comprehensive, more streamlined approach to joint replacement. Our approach focuses on team-oriented care, new surgical technologies and patient education to improve the outcome of joint replacement surgery and accelerate your rehabilitation.

As a patient, you are the focal member of a care team that includes your surgeon, nursing staff and physical therapists, all dedicated to successfully restoring your mobility and function through a multifaceted, coordinated effort.

The care team works closely with patients, keeping them involved in the process and educating them on what they can expect before, during and after surgery. This approach gives patient's confidence in the care team, in the procedure and in their recovery. And that produces good and more consistent outcomes, and often shorter hospital stays.

On December 9, 2013, the Center for Total Joint Care was designated as a Center for Advanced Recovery (CARE) for Joint Replacements by Stryker Performance Solutions. This coveted honor has only been awarded to five hospitals in the nation; Sky Lakes is the only hospital on the West Coast to reach this level of excellence. To learn more about Advanced Recovery Joint Facility, click here.

Our technology

As important as the team approach and expert personnel are, the advanced technologies our surgeons and care team employ in treating total joint replacement patients is what sets us apart.

Many of these advances are technologies usually reserved for larger hospitals in bigger cities. And it is with such technologies that Sky Lakes Medical Center continues to attract top physicians and staff, eager to be on the cutting edge of their respective fields.

One of the newest technologies in use at the Center for Total Joint Care is a computer-aided navigation system that enables our surgeons to make precise incisions and place implants in as close to perfect alignment as possible. This system has consistently resulted in quicker recoveries and shorter hospital stays.

New technologies also bolster the efficiency in assessing the conditions and needs of the patient. High-tech digital-imaging technology allows physicians and technicians to view x-rays, MRI or CT scans from any medical center-based PC within seconds.

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Center for Total Joint Care
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