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Fitness Classes


Join us for a fun, safe and inspiring workout


Body Acceptance Fitness classes are designed to meet everyone’s needs. No matter your shape, size, or ability, our classes can be adapted to your comfort and skill level. Our classes help you launch a new fitness routine or spice up an existing one.


Improve your life


Our Body Acceptance Fitness classes include chair fitness and yoga. Classes are designed to build exercise confidence and improve your physical fitness in a fun and safe environment. We welcome everyone to show up, get active, and have fun!


Mindful Meals


Cook for your health: Food is powerful medicine


Whether you are learning your way around the kitchen, enhancing your cooking skills or trying to eat healthy on a budget, our cooking class are for you! Led by Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, Jen Newton, these hands-on cooking classes let you explore a new cooking style while teaching you how to use food as medicine. You will learn how ingredients can lower inflammation, prevent cancer and reduce our risk of type 2 diabetes, all while being mindful about food budgets. Each class will build your confidence in the kitchen, inspiring change through food education, and ultimately empowering you to eat for your wellbeing!


Mindfulness-Focused Stress Management


A simple definition of mindfulness is “awareness without judgment.”

At Sky Lakes Wellness Center, we find that when our participants can learn about and practice this simple but powerful skill, they are better equipped to appreciate themselves and have the motivation to sustain lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, and self-care. Our clinic utilizes evidence-based mindfulness tools to help participants improve overall wellness. We provide both group and individual interactions to help reduce physical and psychological symptoms of stress, increase coping skills, and help create a greater sense of connection and increased self-acceptance.