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Welcome to Sky Lakes Medical Center

In accordance with the Oregon Health Authority Sky Lakes Medical Center updated it’s masking policy.

In alignment with Oregon Health Authority’s announcement that masks are no longer required in healthcare settings starting April 3, 2023, Sky Lakes Medical Center has made some changes to onsite masking requirements.

Starting on April 3, Sky Lakes will continue masking requirements for patients, visitors, and employees in select areas only.

With patient safety our top priority we have selected specific sites to help protect against exposure for our most vulnerable patients. The ICU (in patient rooms), CTC Infusion Center, and the Infusion Center will have continued mask requirements for patients, employees, and visitors.

Outside of the three selected sites masks are not required.

Knowing there are high-risk patients in other areas of the hospital, those patients that are immunocompromised or receiving immunosuppressive therapy on the floors, patients, visitors, and employees are required to wear masks when in the patient’s room.

Sky Lakes' decision to keep masking in specific locations was made for two reasons. First, to protect these extremely vulnerable patients. Second, is to protect the staff.

Because patient comfort and safety are our first priority, we want you to know that you are welcome to ask employees to wear masks when providing care.

Masking kiosks will still be available in areas throughout the hospital for patients, visitors, and employees.

On your next visit look for updated signage to guide you to where masks will be required. Please feel free to ask Sky Lakes personnel for clarification as needed.

The primary goal at Sky Lakes Medical Center is to provide you with the highest quality healthcare with compassion and respect so you can achieve your best possible health. This goal can best be met by working together.

Want to learn more, check out our Masking FAQ.

Medical Records Office

Located on the first floor of the hospital down the hall past the financial services office and elevators. Please refer to the first- floor map (PDF).