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Pediatric Care

The Sky Lakes Pediatric Unit is specially designed for caring for children—where dedicated physicians, nurses, aides and volunteers provide specialized care with a personal touch in a homelike atmosphere.

The Pediatric Unit is a 24-hour, 6-bed acute care unit which offers a family centered approach to caring for children up to 17 years of age. Patients and families are encouraged and supported in participating in care and decision-making at the level they choose. To ensure a safe environment to care for pediatric patients and their families, the Pediatric wings is a locked unit, which limits access to the unit and patients who receive care here.

Sky Lakes also has a wide scope of pediatric rehab services that support children and their families in promoting success in self-care, and support engagement in desired activities. Our Occupational Therapist (OT), work to involve our patients and family in their own care, and to find recommendations that fit into daily routines to improve overall self-competence, independence, and quality of daily life. The overall goal is to promote engagement in the things your child wants and needs to do, from basic activities of daily living, like getting dressed, meeting demands at school, as well as desired recreational and leisure activities like reading, drawing, sports, and play.