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Audiologists are doctor level health-care professionals who evaluate and help manage hearing loss in individuals of all ages. Audiologists are licensed or registered for practice in all states. Mandatory continuing education helps to insure current best practice behavior. Audiologists can help you better understand the difference between audiologists, hearing instrument dispensers, and ENT physicians.  


Dr. Barry West received his Ph.D. in Hearing and Speech Sciences from Stanford University and is an Oregon licensed audiologist with extensive clinical experience. He has been a member of the Sky Lakes Medical Center ENT clinic team since the clinic opened in 2011.  


Audiology services are available for anyone who: 

  • Is concerned about changes in hearing or documented hearing loss issues. 
  • Has an occupation or lifestyle that can contribute to hearing loss. 
  • Experiences pain when exposed to loud noises. 
  • Experiences tinnitus (ringing, buzzing or other sounds in the ears or head).  
  • Seeks guidance regarding dizziness. We will work with physicians and physical therapists to help manage your symptoms. 


Sky Lakes Medical Center Audiology does not dispense retail products. Each patient has the opportunity to research hearing aids, cochlear implants and other hearing loss assistive devices in a not-for-profit environment.  


Referral details are available by calling the clinic at 541-880-8791.  

Barry West, CCC-A




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