Mindfulness-Focused Stress Management

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An experiential class

A simple definition of mindfulness is “awareness without judgment.”

At Sky Lakes Wellness Center, we find that when our participants can learn about and practice this simple but powerful skill, they are better equipped to appreciate themselves and have the motivation to sustain lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, and self-care. Our clinic utilizes evidence-based mindfulness tools to help participants improve overall wellness. We provide both group and individual interactions to help reduce physical and psychological symptoms of stress, increase coping skills, and help create a greater sense of connection and increased self-acceptance.

Jeanette Rutherford

Jeanette Rutherford, MA, LPC is the Behavioral Therapist for Sky Lakes Wellness Center. In addition to meeting with people individually, to address issues ranging from emotional eating to stress management to behavioral health consultations, she also leads our Mindfulness-Focused Stress Management series of classes.

Jeanette has worked in private practice in Klamath Falls since 1999 with an emphasis, personally and professionally, on self- care and healthy lifestyle behaviors, in addition to her work with trauma, mood disorders, and other mental health issues. She is trained in EMDR therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Mindful Eating for Binge Eating. She enjoys taking care of herself through volunteering as the chair of the Board of Directors for CASA for Children of Klamath County, and via yoga, reading, biking, good food, travel, and having fun with friends and family.

Jeanette is utilizing her wide variety of therapeutic experiences to impact Klamath County residents in a preventative and positive manner. She is eager to continue to encourage and equip the Klamath Falls community to practice Mindfulness-Focused behaviors as they pertain to wellness, positive work/life balance, and reduction of physical health problems.

Class descriptions

For binge eating

We have an exciting opportunity for our current and past participants with a history, or current pattern, of binge eating. Using food to deal with emotional issues makes it difficult to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Join Jeanette Rutherford, our behavioral therapist, for this 10-week course. It includes both a weekly class and a weekly therapy group for learning and application of ideas to reduce binge eating patterns and change your relationship with food!

Mindfulness practices have been shown to improve the ability to deal with stress and to enhance the overall quality of your life, relationships, and social networks.

This four class series, led by Jeanette Rutherford, MA, LPC, will provide you with the building blocks necessary, through class discussion and the practice of different mindfulness experiences, to create an ongoing mindfulness practice of your own!

The content of the course is based on the MBSR work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, and the MBCT work of Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

Next class: December 7, 5 to 6:30 p.m.
Cost: Free

The benefits of a good night’s sleep include things such as maintenance of a healthy weight, decreased stress, improved memory, and an increased life span! We tend to underestimate how important sleep is to our everyday lives.

In this class we will practice relaxation and mindfulness exercises to help improve your sleep, as well as learn about digital and cognitive-behavioral tools, and other information to help you achieve the sleep you desire (and need).

If fewer than 4 people enroll for this session, we will contact you to reschedule your class time.

If you experience chronic pain, join Stewart Decker, MD, and Jeanette Rutherford, MD, LPC, to learn and practice mindfulness tools to relieve pain, reduce stress and restore a sense of well-being. This 8-week program is based on the book “You Are Not Your Pain” by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman.

Prior approval is required. Call (541)274-2770 for more information.

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