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Who should get screened for Lung Cancer?


Low-dose lung cancer screening is available to people at high risk for lung cancer. Talk to your care team about low-dose CT lung screening if you meet the following criteria: 50-80 years of age, and current smoker or have quit smoking within last 15 years and have a 20 pack-year+ smoking history.


The American Lung Association has put together a quiz to help you determine if you should get screened for lung cancer. You can take the quiz by using the button below.

Sky Lakes is now offering low-dose CT lung cancer screening


As of early 2024, Sky Lakes is able to offer lung cancer screening via a new low-dose CT scan. This screening is a specialized type of x-ray that takes a series of pictures as a patient lies on a table which slides in and out of the machine. Once the images are taken, a computer combines them to create a detailed picture of a patient’s lungs.

Insurance coverage for lung cancer screening


For people who meet the high-risk criteria, low-dose lung cancer screening is covered by Medicare and usually by most private insurance plans with no cost sharing. However, you’ll need to confirm with your insurance what exactly they will cover before you get a screening.