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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Our pediatric location promotes a comprehensive approach to child-family care, to support success in a child’s life through all stages of development.

Child-centered Care

The pediatric therapy clinic offers therapy to patients between the ages of newborn to 18-years-old from occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), and speech language pathology (SLP).

Feeding: Certified SOS Approach to Feeding

Intervention for feeding focuses on increasing a child’s comfort with food through positive interactions. Our therapist works with the family to develop a child’s skills in interacting with, trying, and eating food with consideration of developmental stages. The goal is create skills a child is able to use with a variety of foods, outside of therapy sessions, and throughout his/her life.

Sensory Processing: Alert Program for Self-Regulation

Therapy for sensory processing difficulties focuses on creating sensory supports that promote a child’s ability to self-regulate. The therapist will work with a child and family to create an individualized sensory program that can be used outside of therapy sessions, at home, at school, and in other environments. Intervention includes a comprehensive assessment of a child’s sensory needs, extensive education in proper use of sensory tools, trial and guided practice in application of sensory supports, and creation of a tailored home program.