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Klamath Commons, the newest park in Klamath Falls, opened in July 2019. The park on the north end of downtown Klamath Falls is another investment by Sky Lakes in the community to encourage more physical activity. A new play area at Kit Carson Park that opened in 2016 adjacent to a residential neighborhood also was funded by the medical center as a gift to the community.


“When we invest in a park, with its inviting green space and opportunities for exercise and relaxation, we leverage many positive things for the community,” says Paul Stewart, former Sky Lakes President and CEO. “It sends the very clear message that we value the benefits those things bring naturally.”


Sky Lakes investments in the community also includes hiking and walking trails to help improve the health of the community by encouraging more physical activity.


The Sky Lakes Collaborative Health Center represents a $50 million investment in the future of health care in Oregon.


“We are building a strong community, and we can only get there together” is on the first page of the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF), which shows the considerable progress the community has made and outlines the challenges ahead.

Together we rise


Sky Lakes invests in its community in a variety of ways because “together we rise.” Watch a Sky Lakes TV spot on the Sky Lakes YouTube channelShare your comments.

Driving change in rural Oregon


Read how Sky Lakes helps Klamath County supercharge its tech and professional services engine to power economic development.

Blue Zones Project


As a proud sponsor of the Blue Zones Project in Klamath Falls, Sky Lakes is helping to transform well-being in our community. The Blue Zones Project focuses on making small but sustainable improvements across environment, policy and social networks. That means residents and business owners alike are focused on improving well-being for themselves and their neighbors. Together, we can lower obesity rates, smoking and chronic disease to create a healthier, happier place to live, work and play.

Nutritious recipes


Sky Lakes has partnered with Oregon State University’s Klamath County Extension Service and Food Hero to help Jennifer Newton, a registered and licensed dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and nutrition coordinator at Sky Lakes Wellness Center, with a six-week series of cooking demonstrations to encourage better nutrition choices. Download the recipes so far for kale saladpeanut butter cereal barsrice bowl breakfast and tortilla casserole. Watch for updates.

American Red Cross bloodmobile


The Klamath Falls bloodmobile collects thousands of units of life-saving blood every year to serve the needs of Sky Lakes Medical Center and other hospitals throughout southern Oregon. Its efforts have touched countless lives. Having driven 200,000-plus mountainous miles, the bloodmobile has earned its retirement. Sky Lakes invested $50,000 toward the successful $500,000 replacement campaign, which will bring a state-of-the-art bloodmobile to the Klamath Basin and keep in on the road for its first five years. Find a local blood drive.