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Debra C. Hartley, MD

Facilities Sky Lakes Primary Care Clinic
Status Active
Medical school Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia


Dr. Debra Hartley earned her MD degree at the Eastern Virginia Medical School M.D. in Norfolk, VA. She was a Kappa chapter of the Delta Omega Society.

Dr. Hartley is a member of the American College of Family Physicians and the American Medical Association.

She completed her residency as a family physician here at Cascades East Medical Center. Cascades East Family Medicine Residency Program is a community-based, three-year training program administered through Oregon Health & Science University's School of Medicine. Residents receive first-rate, unopposed training in comprehensive rural family medicine at Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Besides the academic honors she earned in medical school, most of why we think Dr. Hartley will be an excellent pediatrician and family doctor can be found in her own beliefs.

"I strongly believe that patients deserve to have their questions answered about preventative procedures, their diseases, treatments and medications as well as a full explanation of how these topics will affect them and their family. And I feel I can be that kind of Family Doctor."

"Knowing my patients' needs, promoting preventative medicine, answering questions, problem solving and helping patients find resources are what will allow me to go beyond having office hours to creating a medical home for my patients."

"Also, I came from a modest background so I can understand the financial concerns of many patients. All of these experiences have shaped my decision to pursue a life as a pediatrician and family physician and they will enhance my ability to reach out to segments of the population that are under-served."

"What attracts me to rural America is the deep sense of community that people often have in smaller towns. I was raised in a small town in Oregon and I believe I will be able to contribute to the cooperative spirit of the town where I practice as a family doctor by providing good care, knowing my patients well, participating in town events and being supportive of the local schools. I look forward to raising my family in an area where we know our neighbors well and my family can be actively involved in local events."