When you grow, we grow.

We are committed to the development of our people and continuously invest in their growth and wellbeing. Sky Lakes provides industry-leading earn and learn programs and up to $5,250 annually in education reimbursement for approved programs. Explore Sky Lakes career development programs.

Earn and Learn at Sky Lakes Medical Center


Healthcare is a complex industry that requires skills and knowledge from all backgrounds. It takes a lot more than nurses and doctors to run a hospital. There are many career and job opportunities in healthcare that you might not know about.


Sky Lakes Medical Center values our talented staff and we invest in their career goals through our career development and education programs. Our programs are available for current staff looking to advance in their careers and for people who wish to start their career in healthcare.


Whether you’re current Sky Lakes staff or a future employee, we are here to support you!

Our Programs


Sky Lakes Medical Center’s career development programs are for those interested in working in healthcare, looking for entry level positions, or are curious about employment and growth opportunities at the hospital. These programs address the barriers of entry to the healthcare field for many, such as the cost of education and time committed. 

CNA Training Program


The nursing assistant program is done in partnership with Klamath Community College. The cost of the program and books is completely covered by Sky Lakes Medical Center. Once you have been licensed by the Oregon State Board of Nursing you will be offered employment as a CNA at Sky Lakes.

MA Apprenticeship Program


Through the Earn & Learn Program, you can earn an hourly wage as a full-time benefited Sky Lakes employee. You participate in a one-year apprenticeship program that includes 2,000 hours of practice with online courses and labs in one of the hospital pipelines — clinic nursing, hospital nursing, or laboratory.

Nurse Residency Program


At Sky Lakes we are proud to offer a 1-year nurse residency program that presents the tools, skills, and resources to be successful in the hospital setting. When you join the nursing team of Sky lakes, we can take an active role in helping you feel at home in your new job. This program provides hands-on experience with a variety of patients in different care departments.

Tuition Reimbursement


Sky Lakes Medical Center encourages current employees to continue their formal education in fields that are related to their employment at Sky Lakes.

Careers at Sky Lakes


Sky Lakes Medical Center is one of the Basin’s leading employers. We have jobs for people of all backgrounds and skills, not just clinical positions. If you want to begin your career with Sky Lakes but don’t know where to start we can connect you with a recruiter to help you find where you fit.

Employee Recognition


At Sky Lakes we celebrate and reward employee achievement and excellence. Our employees are amazing and we want them, and the community to know. That’s why we have many opportunities to reward our employees for going above and beyond. We offer values and performance based rewards as well as length of service awards. We are Daisy Award participants and also award non-nursing staff with Bee awards following the Daisy Award model.

We celebrate accomplishments such as program graduations and everyone is invited to our retirement parties!

High School Students


Most of our Earn and Learn programs were created with you in mind. If you’re looking to enter the healthcare field after graduation, consider one of our Earn and Learn programs to get you started working and making money in the industry and getting a quality education in your career path of choice at the same time. We even have the Unit Ambassador Program that you can complete while you’re still in highschool!

Training and Development


Our Training and Development Team strives to empower our community through our Earn and Learn programs. Our team of clinical professionals makes sure our staff are career ready throughout their employment at Sky Lakes from onboarding to career development. Training and Development partners with HR to recruit and develop our excellent workforce.