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Family Birth Center

The Sky Lakes Family Birth Center is specially designed for families—where dedicated physicians, nurses, aides and volunteers provide specialized care with a personal touch in a homelike atmosphere.

The 12-room facility offers a relaxed, comfortable setting for expecting families. Labor, delivery and recovery take place in one room, creating a home-away-from-home during this eventful time.

Learn about the The Big Latch On, hosted by the Family Birth Center on August 3, at Moore Park.

Sky Lakes Family Birth Center is a member of the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank. This very important service is made possible by nursing mothers who have extra milk and donate to the milk bank, where it is pasteurized and then dispensed to neonatal intensive care units. Learn more about becoming a donor.


Download a printable Prepared Childbirth handout (PDF).

Sky Lakes Family Birth Center offers a six-week comprehensive class that prepares new moms and dads for the end of their pregnancy, early labor, active labor, transition, pushing, and medical complications such as Cesarean sections. Also covered in the class are postpartum and newborn care, including breast feeding

Each class lasts 2½ hours every week, running from 6:30-9 p.m.

The series is provided at no-charge as a service of Sky Lakes Family Birth Center.

They repeat throughout the year so parents to-be can take advantage of the information between the weeks 28 and 32 of pregnancy.

The classes prepare the mother-to-be and teach and encourage the coach with techniques to help them through the journey of child birth.

Class One is an introduction to your pregnancy at this time. Topics include common discomforts and exercises you can do at home.

Class Two discusses when to come to the hospital. You’ll learn about contractions, and what behavior the mother- to-be may exhibit in the first two phases (early and active labor) of the first stage of labor. Breathing techniques and their importance are also covered.

Class Three reviews the second class and continues with phase three (transitional labor) and Stage 2 (pushing). Medical complications, pain control and induction of labor are among the topics.

Class Four covers postpartum care and what will happen after you deliver. We also discuss Cesarean section deliveries, when they are necessary and why, as well what to bring to the hospital for your delivery. A tour of the hospital and the Family Birth Center are highlights of this class. We also review the medical center’s safety and security policies and consents to care while at Sky Lakes.

Class Five is all about your new baby.

Class Six is a two-hour focus on breast feeding. These classes will be with a certified lactation specialist at Sky Lakes Lactation Services, 2421 Washburn Way, Suite F.

To enroll in childbirth classes, visit the Calendar section, or call Sky Lakes Community Education Center, 541-274-6284, weekdays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For breastfeeding support, call 541-274-6201 or use the Contact Us feature of the website.