The Path to Physical Rehab & Recovery

Rehabilitation plays an important role in preventative care and recovery whether you have an injury, illness, or are managing a chronic condition.


Rehab in your care plan


Somewhere in your care plan, you may have rehabilitation as a step: whether that be as preventative care, a surgery alternative, or as recovery after a surgery. Therapy helps individuals of all ages affected by injury, illness, or disability get back to daily life and regain independence. The most common types of rehabilitation for physical conditions are physical and occupational therapy.

Both types of therapy treat different conditions depending on your specific needs. If you are experiencing discomfort or recovering from surgery, rehabilitation treatment could be the solution. Therapy can also address pain in the body before it worsens into a more serious injury that requires surgery.

Physical and occupational therapists are here to help you on your journey to recovery so you can get back to doing the things in life that bring you joy. They provide assessment and treatment plans personalized to meet your individual needs.

Types of Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Helps improve functional movement and mobility to address and reduce pain. You can treat conditions such as orthopedic injury, neurological disorders, vestibular disorders, and many other conditions with physical therapy. Physical therapy can also be used in recovery post surgery. Your care team may recommend physical therapy to help strengthen parts of your body to improve a variety of physical conditions.

Occupational Therapy

Helps improve your ability to perform daily activities like dressing, bathing, using the bathroom, grooming and hygiene, eating, and sleeping. If you’re working on gaining mobility or function so you can get back to life or work, occupational therapy may be part of your care plan.

Consider Rehab

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