Do you know the difference between physical and occupational therapy?

Physical therapy and occupational therapy are different rehabilitation treatments. Here are some other things many people don’t know about physical and occupational therapies.


Occupational therapy isn’t about finding a job. Occupational therapists treat a variety of conditions that impact fine motor skills and can make doing everyday tasks difficult.

Physical therapy is usually one of the first steps to treat injury, mobility, weakness, and pain concerns.

Occupational therapists can treat any part of your body, even your cognitive concerns, to help you develop and practice skills necessary to complete daily tasks.

Physical therapists treat more than orthopedic conditions: some specialize in other areas like women’s health, balance and vestibular disorders, sports medicine, concussion recovery, neurology, cardiac rehab, and geriatrics.

Occupational therapists can be found in a variety of settings like hospitals, clinics, in-home care, pediatrics, geriatrics, and psychiatric facilities to name a few.

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