Diann Kerr Retires after 47 years at Sky Lakes

Skylakes Medical Center

Diann Kerr RN, CPAN retired this week from Sky Lakes Medical Center after 47 years of service to our community.

Diann’s 47 years with us have been spent caring for our community first as a CNA, then as a RN in ICU where she spent three years. She then joined the Orthopedic team and worked in that department for three years. She is wrapping up her RN career in our Recovery unit after 40 years of caring for surgical patients.

Diann has been a constant contributor to our success through all of the good and not so good years since her start at our facility in 1976. She will be missed by her peers and her patients, whose lives she has touched over the many years she has worked at Sky Lakes.

Thank you, Diann, for being a great RN and a great person to work with, you will be missed.

We wish you the best on your retirement adventure.