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Meet the 2021 RN-1 Nursing Residency Program Grads!

Congratulations class of 2021!

There are ten graduates from this year’s RN-1 program. Our RN-1 program is a 13-week nursing residency program for recent nursing graduates looking for additional acute-care experience. This program focuses on clinical judgment and critical thinking to help new nurses develop their competencies as healthcare providers.

All of our graduates this year are local to the Klamath Falls area in one way or another and many of them knew each other and developed friendships in nursing school at Klamath Community College or the local OHSU campus.

Aside from proximity, our residents selected this residency program for many reasons. Some reasons are the longer preceptor time, or they heard great things about the program. Some students even worked at Sky Lakes in other roles for years before becoming nurses and entering the residency program.

It is evident how close knit, fun, and supportive this group of nurses are.

Meet our RN-1 program graduates!

Karina Lagunas-Zarate

Tatiana Tanner

Madison Heberling

Steven Hedlund

Amanda Koehler

Holdyn Polley

Aubrey Westfall

Zenaida Gabriel

Peter Tucker

Araceli Flores