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Meet some of our student employees!

We have a 24/7 cafeteria at Sky Lakes and staffing our food service department is incredibly important for patients, staff, and visitors. Everyone in the hospital relies on our food services employees to make, serve, and deliver meals every day.

Sky Lakes values growth in our employees and wants to support employees seeking further education or training. There are many employees at Sky Lakes Medical Center that are students. Today we want to highlight some of our food service employees who are also students!

Freddie, Dylon, and Megan are all working on furthering their education while they are employed at Sky Lakes. They work in food services because their work schedules accommodate their class schedules.

Freddie is training to be a Wildland Firefighter at Klamath Community College. Freddie schedules his classes in the afternoon and his work schedule accommodates that. He also says the “people are pretty cool here.” We think so too.

Dylon is an Oregon Tech student working on his Healthcare Administration degree. Dylon primarily works evenings and weekends to accommodate his class schedule. Dylon plans on using his experience working in a hospital to help him move onto other departments later. He says that leadership is “willing to help us grow” and he actively mentors under leadership in his department to get administrative experience.

Megan is also an OIT student. She’s working on a bachelor's degree in Nuclear Medicine. Megan’s class schedule changes each term which affects her work hours. Every term, leadership accommodates her class schedule and her training on the job has helped her become a flexible employee that can perform a variety of roles as needed.

We are incredibly proud of our student employees and look forward to being able to support them in their goals and growth opportunities.

If you are interested in joining our food services team, we have some positions open!

Nutrition Production Worker

Food Service Worker

Food Service Worker

Food Service Worker