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Jana Stanfill, RN talks about working and learning in the ICU

I work in the ICU at Sky Lakes. In my short time that I’ve been a part of the ICU team, there have been multiple opportunities for me expand and grow. I have great teachers to guide me in learning my new role.

Information Sky Lakes provides, like policy and procedures and IV compatibility, are very easy to navigate. You can easily find anything you need, and company emails keep me up to date with education opportunities and I'm pleased with the opportunities.

I love that Sky Lakes is a union hospital and they aren’t afraid to pay their employees. They want to take care of their staff and reward their loyal employees. I have been welcomed with open arms in the ICU and am grateful for the comradery.

My husband and I wanted to move to Klamath Falls because of the low wages we were receiving in Florida. We love the outdoors and Klamath Falls has all the nature you could want. It is beautiful; With the coast not too far away, we can take the weekend to get our beach fill. We love exploring our new area.

I had concerns about not only be a new employee but a new resident to Klamath Falls. My department has welcomed me and made me feel at home. I love that my workers do outings and events together and all have invited me to join in. I have not once felt like an outsider here.

Jana (far right in blue dress) out with fellow Sky Lakes nurses.

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