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Family medicine

Family medicine, formerly called family practice, is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages; the specialist is named a family physician or family doctor.

It is a division of primary care that provides continuing and comprehensive healthcare for the individual and family across all ages, genders, diseases and parts of the body. It is based on knowledge of the patient in the context of the family and the community, emphasizing disease prevention and health promotion.


Cascades East Family Medicine Clinic

2801 Daggett Avenue 
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
(located just outside the main hospital)
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Learn how Sky Lakes, Cascades East, and OHSU are Illuminating the Path to Health Together.

Sky Lakes Family Medicine Clinic

Dr. Debra Hartley

Dr. Laneah Snyder

Daniel Pederson, DO

3001 Daggett Ave., Suite 102
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
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Providers at this location

Sky Lakes Klamath Medical Clinic

1905 Main St.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
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Providers at this location.

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Sky Lakes Medical Center
2865 Daggett Ave.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
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For inquiries related to personal health conditions, seek advice from your physician. Sky Lakes patients can communicate securely with their physician's office through the MyChart patient portal.

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