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Klamath-Lake CARES keeps caring by helping children and families begin to heal. CARES” healing services continue after the assessment is completed. The child and family advocate contacts the child and their non-offending parents or guardians to follow up on the medical recommendations made during the assessment. If needed, the advocate helps them connect with counseling, medical and dental care providers, and other community resources to help meet their needs. The advocate stays in touch with clients for 90 days to ensure they receive the help they need. The following is one example of how we CARE:

Two siblings were brought to CARES with their grandparents for evaluation after one of the children witnessed one parent kill the other, then commit suicide. The grandparents lived in a remote area with no access to therapeutic services. The elderly couple could not drive the long, mountain roads in winter months to a city for the kids’ therapy. The child advocate found temporary counseling services through the children’s new school, then followed up until they could be enrolled with a counseling agency.

Children deserve safety. You, or someone you know, may be a victim of abuse. Know the signs, and how to report.