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Approximately 250 children 18 years of age and younger are evaluated at CARES each year for suspected abuse. Most patients are referred from the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Welfare office or local law enforcement agencies, while others are referred directly from concerned family members.


Following the CARES assessment, a multidisciplinary team that includes the CARES medical examiners and forensic interviewers, law enforcement, DHS caseworkers, district attorneys, and other professionals review each case to ensure the child receives the best care as the case moves through the justice system.


As the Designated Medical Professional (DMP) for Klamath and Lake Counties, our mission is to provide safe, comprehensive, objective medical assessments to children and adolescents, and to raise awareness about child abuse through coordinated, collaborative educational programs. Our team also connects children and their nonoffending caregivers with services to help keep their family healthy and safe.