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Nurse residency program

Sky Lakes Medical Center provides an extended learning opportunity for recently graduated nurses with little or no acute-care experience.

Our Nursing Residency Program is designed to offer the new graduate the support and education they need to transition into the role of a competent practitioner. The 13-week program is based on Benner's novice-to-expert model and focuses on clinical judgment and critical thinking.

The first week is a general nursing orientation. It will introduce you to our facility and to the mission and philosophy of Sky Lakes Medical Center, as well as to the responsibilities of your new role as a registered nurse.

You'll spend the next six weeks working with a specially selected preceptor on a general medical/surgical floor. A robust evaluation tool is used to provide feedback to new graduates, who is then assigned to another medical/surgical unit for an additional six weeks.

The group meets each week for an informal clinical learning session. These sessions consist of different learning activities, including presentations, case studies and clinical forums. Upon successful completion of the program, the RN will be eligible to apply for open positions with the exception of the Flex Team. If a status position is not available, a supplemental position will be created.

As you progress through the RN Residency Program, your preceptor will work with the manager and educator to provide supervision and support as you become an independent member of our healthcare team. We want to give you the opportunity to continue your professional growth, while you learn to seek out and use the resources available at Sky Lakes Medical Center.

When you join the nursing team of Sky Lakes Medical Center, we take an active role in helping you feel at home in your new job.

To learn more, call Cynthia Neubauer, RN, Director of Training and Development, 541.274.2306.