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Why Sky Lakes Medical Center?

Sky Lakes is a community-owned not-for-profit medical center in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We are one of the largest employers in the area yet maintain a familiar and friendly atmosphere on our campus.

Our leadership is accessible and there are mentors and coaches among us. There will always be growth opportunities for employees, whether they seek it out or are simply learning new things on the job.

We take pride in our employees and the positive and supportive work environment they have created.

“It is common for me to get questions directly from front-line staff because our staff is confident that our leadership is accessible and listening. Our ‘Let's get through this together’ mindset helps us identify issues and address them before they become problems and allows us to develop and adopt staff suggested solutions.” - Ron Woita, CNO

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A Place to Learn: Active Mentorship

"I work in the ICU at Sky Lakes. In my short time that I’ve been a part of the ICU team, there have been multiple opportunities for me expand and grow. I have great teachers to guide me in learning my new role." -Jana Stanfill, RN

Sky Lakes values our employees' growth and look to provide learning and teaching opportunities. Sky Lakes is in partnership with Oregon Health & Science University to provide a family medicine residency program. We also offer a Nursing Graduate program for new nursing grads ready to start their nursing careers. Sky Lakes employs students furthering their education and department leaders provide opportunities for mentorship all over the medical center. Our workplace culture also fosters support and mentorship among staff.

A Place to Lead: Accessible Healthcare

"I would describe Sky Lakes as a close-knit community of friends and colleagues doing our best to serve our rural community." -Margo Roemeling, MD

Sky Lakes is in a rural area, but we have metropolitan technology. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide accessible healthcare to the people who live in our community.

We provide community centered healthcare and operate in a community focused on health. Klamath Falls recently became a certified Blue Zones community because of health leaders and resident’s hard work and dedication to community health.

A Place to Live: Small Town Feel

“It's a great place to raise a family affordably and the stargazing is outstanding (secret perk of living a long way away from significant light pollution).”-Matt Peters, MD

While the Klamath Falls area is sprawling, we do maintain the small-town feel. Everything is nearby and commutes are rarely longer than 15 minutes.

The community in Klamath Falls is close knit yet not so small you completely lose your anonymity.

The cost of living in Klamath Falls is comparably lower than locations with the same or fewer opportunities and services. Our schools are wonderful, and our community is safe.

A Place to Explore: Emphasis on Nature

“I love that within minutes I can be in the woods; a weekend trip to the coast is relaxing because it isn't a day's drive (I have even driven over to walk on the beach, have lunch and was home by dinner).” -Bobi Wheelock, NP

In Klamath Falls you experience all four seasons throughout the year and sometimes all in the same day. This gives residents and visitors a plethora of breathtaking views and outdoor activities to do year-round.

“Really, I feel like I enjoy the view from my office here. I enjoy the view from my home. It’s a really picturesque place.”-Natalia Hidden, NP

In addition to all-season outdoor activities like hiking, waterskiing, kayaking, fishing, snow shoeing, hockey, and many others, there are many geographical wonders ready for exploring close by like Crater Lake National Park and the Lava beds, both of which can be enjoyed year-round. Klamath Falls is within a day's drive to the coast and Medford and Bend aren’t too far away either for fun day or weekend trips.