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Emergency services

Medical emergencies happen. At all hours of the night. On any day of the year. You can't plan for them, but you can be ready in the event one occurs.

For many patients, the emergency room is the first place they turn for healthcare.

The emergency services department at Sky Lakes Medical Center sees nearly 30,000 patients each year. We are always open, always at attention, and can handle any life-threatening medical emergency of any nature.

For nearly two decades, our ED has held the designation of a Level III Trauma Center, meeting the rigorous criteria of the state of Oregon in providing initial evaluation and stabilization of severely injured adult and pediatric patients.

In an emergency, those patients with the most urgent medical needs are seen first. When patients enter any of our emergency departments, a specially trained nurse immediately sees them to determine what level of care is needed for the illness or injury, whether it’s a minor need or a major emergency.

Sky Lakes Medical Center has an in-house, multidisciplinary trauma resuscitation team that responds immediately, and a separate team that gives surgical intervention.

Emergency services is equipped with advanced cardiac monitors that are connected with monitors in the critical care unit on the hospital's second floor. These monitors allow patients to receive uninterrupted monitoring from the moment they enter the emergency rooms until they are well enough to leave the critical care unit.

All Sky Lakes Medical Center physicians are experienced in emergency care, and all full-time emergency physicians are board-certified. Our experienced nurses hold certification in trauma and cardiac care.

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If you need fire, police or have a medical emergency, dial 911.

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