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Spiritual care

Spiritual care is provided at the hospital in a number of ways. When available, volunteer chaplains call on patients requesting visits.

During a stay in the hospital, patients and their families can request a variety of items and services. Among them are Bibles, Book of Mormon, other written materials, a chalice and paten, prayer rugs, a cross, a drum, flameless candles, and more. Sage smudgings can also be performed in patient rooms, although these require some setup time. Patients and their families are also welcome to bring items that will assist them on their journey to healing.

Clergy are invited to visit members of their parish at any time. Lists of patients self-identifying with a particular denomination are available to clergy at the hospital communication center just inside the emergency room entrance.

Several hospital volunteers have formed a prayer chain. Requests for prayers can be made on forms that are available in the meditation room or by a prayer request email. These are checked during regular work hours Monday through Friday.

In addition, community volunteers sit vigil with dying patients through our No One Dies Alone program and provide comforting companionship through our Friendly Visitor program.

If you're interested in volunteering for one of our community programs, email the spiritual care coordinator or call 541.274.2655.

Healing environment

Sky Lakes Medical Center's commitment to providing a holistic healing experience for patients and families includes spiritual care services.

While in the hospital, the Healing Garden on the second floor and the Atrium Garden on the first floor are available with benches and the calming influence of outdoor plants. The Healing Garden also includes a labyrinth.

There is also 24-hour access to the meditation room on the first floor. This room looks onto the Atrium Garden and offers a quiet, tranquil haven from the trauma of a hospital stay. Reflective windows allow privacy without blocking the view of the garden. The room is designed to provide an intimate, calming and centering atmosphere.

Chairs, benches and pillows are easily moved so patients and families can choose how and where they wish to be seated within the room. The artwork, dark cherry paneling and subdued lighting create an atmosphere of peace.

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