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Preparing for your visit

We try to keep the daily routine for your care as patient-friendly as we can.

A member of your healthcare team will need to check your vital signs—temperature, blood pressure, respiration and the like—on a regular schedule. Depending on your condition, your doctor may ask that your vital signs be checked frequently. We will try to limit how often you have to be awakened.

Please let your nurse know immediately if you are:

  • In pain.
  • Too hot or too cold.
  • Hungry or thirsty.
  • Receiving too many visitors.
  • Not compatible with a roommate.

We want your Sky Lakes Medical Center experience to be as positive as we can make it.

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Sky Lakes Medical Center
2865 Daggett Ave.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
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The Sky Lakes Medical Center website offers general information and is not intended to provide medical advice for individuals. The website’s Contact Us email service helps users get answers to general questions about programs and services.

For inquiries related to personal health conditions, seek advice from your physician. Sky Lakes patients can communicate securely with their physician's office through the MyChart patient portal.

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