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Woman thanks Sky Lakes staff after procedure

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Woman thanks Sky Lakes staff after procedure

Hospital news | Saturday, November 14, 2015

Contact: Thomas Hottman

Thank you to the caring doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers for taking good care of me before, during and after my knee replacement surgery recently at Sky Lakes Medical Center.

Dr. Kevin Heaton and Paul Winkler, PA, were encouraging and informative in their pre- and post-op visits. Dr. John Swetland made sure I did not feel or remember anything during surgery. In my room, my calls were always answered promptly, needs met and questions answered. I can't remember everyone's names, especially those immediately before surgery and in recovery, but jotted down a few once I had a pencil and paper in my room: nurses Justin, Rose, Diana, Tiffany and Shawn and CNAs JoJo, Jessica and Christita were especially knowledgeable, kind and responsive. I hope the others will recognize my name and know I appreciated them, too. Occupational therapist Leighton and physical therapists Josh and Barney remembered me from previous joint replacements and were very encouraging. They and the nurses walked with me more than 1,000 feet in a day and a half. Dr. David Dassoff, my family physician, dropped by to say hi and accompanied me around the floor. Already, the outpatient physical therapists at BodyWorks have helped me regain considerable range of motion in my knee in just five sessions. Most amazing of all was Muriel, a 90-year-old Guild volunteer who wheeled me out when I was discharged from the medical center. How humbling and inspiring.

My late mother, also named Muriel, and I have always had excellent care from doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers at Sky Lakes and other Klamath Falls health care facilities. It's been as good or, in many cases, better care than in larger cities, where the care is not always as personal, careful or comfortable. Kudos to our local healthcare pros.

Lynne Butterworth