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Thanks to all during health crisis

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Thanks to all during health crisis

Hospital news | Monday, May 22, 2017

Contact: Thomas Hottman

I have many I want to say thank you for the past weeks.

Sky Lakes Medical Center was so good to me when I had my stroke. They took very good care of me.

My wholehearted thanks goes to my daughter Lana, my son Rick, and my son-in-law Dave. They were all three at my house every day for over three weeks, caring for my needs and wants. One of them is here every day still.

The Home Care group is a group to be proud of. They came, took care of my needs, exercises, and everything else.

Thanks for all the prayers, cards, calls, and visits. They were appreciated.

Special thanks to the paramedics. They may have saved my life.

I thank Jesus first of all. He was and is with me every step of the way and that night, especially, when I had my stroke. He was totally with me as I scooted and crawled across the floor to get the phone to call 911.

Though I could hardly talk, the paramedics heard enough to be here in minutes.

My thanks to every nurse who came also.

Thanks to my family, too, for caring for Taco, my little dog who was confused as to what was going on.