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Special Delivery on Leap Day

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Special Delivery on Leap Day

Hospital news | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Contact: Thomas Hottman

Aletta Mannix holds her newborn daughter Clara Natalja on Tuesday morning. Masl was born at 4:15 a.m. on Monday, February 29, at Sky Lakes Medical Center. She was the first of five new arrivals that day, in what nursing staff called a "flurry" of Leap Day arrivals.

Clara Natalja Masl leapt onto the scene just in time for Leap Day.

The 8-pound, 19.5-inch long baby girl was the first of five new arrivals at Sky Lakes Medical Center on Monday, according to nursing staff, a day that only occurs every four years.

Clara arrived to meet her parents at 4:15 a.m. Monday at Sky Lakes Family Birth Center after a 27-hour labor. Her due date was originally Feb. 21.

Clara Masl's parents, Aletta Mannix, who is also part of the labor and delivery nursing staff at Sky Lakes, and Jared Masl, were elated with the birth of their daughter.

"Now having done it myself will definitely add a dimension to my care," Mannix said of having her first child delivered at the medical center.

"No amount of clinical study will prepare you for the experience."

It's Mannix's first child and Masl's third child.

Birthday advice

Mannix said she's been meaning to look online for advice on how parents of Leap Day babies plan to celebrate their child's birthday.

"I would imagine it would probably be the first of March," Masl said. "When they're older, nobody really celebrates on that day anyway, they always wait for the weekend (to celebrate).

"And right now, I don't think she even cares," Masl said of his newborn daughter.

Both parents beamed with pride as they commented on their daughter's strength and level of awareness.

"Her eyes were open and she was holding her head up right away," Mannix said.

"The pediatrician noted how strong she was," Masl said. "Smartest, cutest baby in the whole, wide world basically."