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Sky Lakes remodel includes 3D mammography systems

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Sky Lakes remodel includes 3D mammography systems

Friday, March 22, 2019

Sky Lakes Medical Center is investing more than $1.2 million to remodel its Outpatient Imaging facility, 2900 Daggett Ave., to consolidate mammography services in one location. The new Sky Lakes Breast Health Services space will feature 3D mammography equipment utilizing the “Smart Curve Comfort System.” The remodeled space will be ready April 8.

The first-floor area in the medical center that was formerly used for another mammography suite is now being used for a new breast biopsy system that is much more comfortable and relaxing, which complements the 3D imaging system. Many radiologists prefer to perform breast biopsies on this new system because patients are more comfortable and relaxed during the biopsy.

It also gives radiologists the ability to perform breast biopsies that could not be performed on upright systems. Some patients had to have their breast biopsies done out of the area at facilities that use the breast biopsy system that Sky Lakes just purchased.

“Early detection and a fast, accurate, and confident diagnosis are key to overcoming breast cancer,” said William Morse, RT(R), and Director of Diagnostic Imaging at Sky Lakes. “With the 3D mammography and prone biopsy systems, and the other clinical services we have, Sky Lakes is able to offer screening and diagnosis through treatment.”