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Sky Lakes raises minimum wage

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Sky Lakes raises minimum wage

Hospital news | Friday, July 10, 2015

Contact: Thomas Hottman

Sky Lakes Medical Center today announced that its employees currently earning Oregon's minimum wage of $9.25 will immediately get a raise to $11.06, which is the new minimum wage for the organization.

Other Sky Lakes employees whose pay is slightly more than the new minimum wage also will receive smaller pay raises as adjustments are initiated. The increases affect about 125 employees.

There has been considerable discussion by state and federal governments of what constitutes a "living wage," said Sky Lakes President and CEO Paul Stewart. "Those discussions led to consideration of a new minimum wage at the medical center. The senior management team here concluded that, to further demonstrate the leadership role of Sky Lakes in the community, we should set an example by paying a higher minimum wage."

The increase is consistent with Stewart's position regarding the Klamath Works Human Services Campus. The campus is intended to help individuals who are willing to work achieve a greater level of self-sufficiency and dignity. Purposeful work with worthwhile pay gives people a greater ability to support themselves with less reliance on government programs.

Stewart said the increase is also expected to help the medical center recruit and retain workers.

"I believe it will be easier to fill positions as they become vacant, and at the same time it will lower turnover in lower-wage positions. Both of those things will help the organization overall," he said.

"Providing Sky Lakes employees with a higher minimum wage is good for them, good for the medical center, and good for the community."