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Sky Lakes Board Chairs Remarks at Klamath Works Campus Dedication

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Sky Lakes Board Chair's Remarks at Klamath Works Campus Dedication

Hospital news | Sunday, June 14, 2015

PHOTO: John Bell, chairman of the Sky Lakes Medical Center Board of Directors, delivers remarks during the Sunday, June 14, dedication of the Klamath Works Human Services Campus. Pete Weigman, chairman of the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission board, left, and Kent Berry, executive director of the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission, were among the other speakers.

The text of John Bell’s remarks:

Thanks to those on the committee that organized today’s ceremony, and to everyone who chose to spend part of their Sunday afternoon at the dedication of the campus.

Today is the ceremonial launch of an exciting initiative: The Klamath Works Human Services campus.

Let’s remind ourselves of the purpose of Klamath Works campus: To be an effective, integrated and collaborative collection of providers to help people in need.

Helping people – that’s the core of what Sky Lakes does every day.

Sky Lakes is proud to be able to share that same philosophy – that same can-do spirit – that same collaborative energy – to help the community – OUR community.

We believe it’s important to focus on the efforts of the people who will be served by the campus.

Helping them define their own future – a future of “earned success” – a future full of promise leading a full and satisfying life.

The services that will be at this campus will help willing and able-bodied individuals – people who want to become self-sufficient – people who want to be productive and who want to contribute to society.

When I look at the name of the campus – Klamath Works – I think of how we – as a community – work to help each other. With this campus we continue that tradition of taking what we have and – with the combined work of many – turning it into something greater.

We will take a long-vacant parcel and turn it into the hub of something much greater – something that symbolizes the confidence we have in the future of our area and the people it will serve.

I speak for everyone at Sky Lakes when I say we are proud to be able to add to what promises to be a model of partnership.

Thanks again for being here, and thank you for all you do.