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Making smart calorie cuts

Cutting calories can help you lose weight. If you cut 500 calories a day, you'll probably drop 1 to 2 pounds per week. That's doable—and safe.

Original food choice: Plain bagel, medium-sized
284 calories

Smart substitute: Multigrain toast, one slice with pat of butter
105 calories

Calories saved: 179

Original food choice: Double-patty fast-food cheeseburger
437 calories

Smart substitute: Single-patty fast-food cheeseburger
343 calories

Calories saved: 94

Original food choice: Meat lasagna, large slice
715 calories

Smart substitute: Whole-wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce, 1 1/2 cups
324 calories

Calories saved: 391

Original food choice: Potato chips, 1-ounce bag
149 calories

Smart substitute: Whole-wheat pretzels, 1-ounce bag
103 calories

Calories saved: 46

Original food choice: Egg salad with mayo, 1 cup
645 calories

Smart substitute: Fruit salad, canned, 1 cup
74 calories

Calories saved: 571

Original food choice: Ramen noodle soup, 1 pack
380 calories

Smart substitute: Low-sodium tomato soup with water, 1 cup
74 calories

Calories saved: 306

Original food choice: Brownie with frosting, 2-inch square piece
171 calories

Smart substitute: Strawberry dipped in dark chocolate
110 calories

Calories saved: 61

Original food choice: Cola, 12-ounce can
155 calories

Smart substitute: Water with lemon slice
2 calories

Calories saved: 153

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; U.S. Department of Agriculture

reviewed 7/24/2018
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