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Smoking cessation

Want better health? Stop smoking (video). And Freedom From Smoking can help.

The American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking® program can help people who are ready to quit smoking now -- for good.

Seven-week course begins Wednesday, January 8th.

Register online today for a small-group class. Questions? Call 541-891-4021.

Quit Now, For Good

Because most people know that smoking is dangerous to their health, the program focuses almost exclusively on how to quit, not why to quit.

All Freedom From Smoking® products are regularly reviewed and updated to make sure Freedom From Smoking® remains "America's gold standard in smoking cessation programs."

The Freedom From Smoking® facilitators use techniques based on pharmacological and psychological principles and methods designed to help smokers gain control over their behavior.

No single quit smoking technique is effective for all smokers so the program includes a comprehensive variety of evidence-based cessation techniques.

The curriculum also includes the latest research about nicotine replacement therapy (gum, inhalers, patches, lozenges and nasal spray) and other smoking cessation medications such as Zyban® and Chantix®.

Register online today for a small-group class. Cost of the class is $25 per participant and scholarships are available. Call 541-891-4021.

Each participant will receive a copy of the Freedom From Smoking participant workbook that provides tools each week to help them in their journey towards quit!