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Employee Perks and Benefits

Services and amenities

The Hilltop Café- 24/7 cafeteria

Our cafeteria has a diverse weekly menu of hot entrees including daily salad specials and cold meal options. The cafeteria also functions as a grocery for basic staple items like fresh fruit and local products. Employees get a 25% discount in the cafeteria.

Sky Brew Coffee Shop

Recently reopened, our on-campus coffee shop has a full espresso menu, smoothies and cold sandwiches (hot ones coming soon)! Employees get a 25% discount in the coffee shop.

Free parking with dedicated employee lots

Employees park for free in any of our employee only parking lots. Commute times are short here in Klamath Falls and you won't have to worry about finding a place to park at work.

Onsite Activities

Sky Lakes offers an employee garden where employees are encouraged to plant flowers, fruits, or vegetables during the growing season.

Additionally, the hospital offers to all staff, patients, and visitors access to a meditation room, the meditation garden on the first floor, and the healing garden on the second floor.

Nearby Activities

We have walking, hiking and biking trails nearby.


In addition to the 25% employee discount in the cafeteria and coffee shop, employees get a 10% discount for over the counter (OTC) medications at our outpatient pharmacy on campus (Holiday Market Pharmacy excluded).

Employees also get discounts to participate in courses taught at and by our Wellness Center!


WeeCare- Childcare benefits

Sky Lakes Medical Center offers a concierge service to all Sky Lakes employees to match them with childcare providers in our community. This service is paid for and available to all Sky Lakes employees anytime throughout 2021 and 2022.

This benefit includes access to 24/7 support and a dedicated concierge care manager to help with finding, touring, and enrolling in childcare that includes full-time, part-time, backup, drop-in, school-aged, and overnight care options.

Accessible Healthcare

We have primary care clinics on the same campus for convenient access to healthcare. Additionally, most specialty clinics are within walking distance of the main hospital campus.


Sky Lakes provides a nonelected employer 401(k) contribution of 5% to all status employees*. Employees who elect to contribute their own funds into the 401(k) can receive up to an additional 1% contribution from Sky Lakes.

Length of service benefits

Sky Lakes offers Paid Time Off (PTO) to all status employees, and the longer you work for us the more you can accrue over time. Additionally, we offer an Extended Illness Bank (EIB) for all status employees.

* A status employee is anyone hired at a minimum of half (0.5) Full-Time Equivalent (20+ hours a week) and are eligible for benefits. Supplemental and temporary employees are not status employees.