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Sky Lakes Nurse Residency Program

Graduating from nursing school and moving into the practice of nursing is one the first milestones for newly licensed nurses. It is also the moment when theoretical learning begins to connect with real-life scenarios. Nursing residency programs are crucial to assist the new graduates to develop clinical decision-making and leadership skills to enable them to flourish in dynamic and complex work environments.

At Sky Lakes we are proud to offer a 1-year nurse residency program that presents the tools, skills, and resources to be successful in the hospital setting. When you join the nursing team of Sky lakes, we can take an active role in helping you feel at home in your new job. This program provides hands-on experience with a variety of patients in different care departments.

Our Nurse Residency Program strives to:

  • Build competency in the clinical application of nursing knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors
  • Support new graduate nurse’s professional well-being throughout their first year of transition into the nursing practice
  • Promote an ongoing spirit of clinical inquiry, integration of evidence-based practice, and lifelong learning.
  • Create a network of professional relationships to ensure future success.

The Sky Lakes 2023 RN Residency Program graduates

Sky Lakes RN Residency Program elements

Our orientation program will introduce you to our facility and to the mission and philosophy of Sky lakes as well as to the responsibilities of your new role as a registered nurse. The program will also include the following:

Skilled preceptor: You will be paired with an experienced RN who will provide support, guidance, and feedback every step of the way.

Weekly didactic classroom experience: The heart of the program is a structured weekly group get-together which includes:

Reflective journaling

Weekly themes that include:

  • Effective communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Anatomy of a medication error
  • Professional role development
  • Delegation strategies
  • Change management
  • Team building
  • Dealing with workplace conflict
  • Research-based practice

Safe space: Being a new nurse graduate can be a vulnerable time. The weekly group get-together is considered a “safe zone” where open discussion is supported and appreciated.

Sky Lakes RN Residency Program requirements:

  • Must have successfully passed the NCLEX by the program start date.
  • Must have a valid Oregon RN license.
  • All new-graduate nurse applicants must go through the residency program as part of the formal orientation process.
  • All new graduates can bid for an open RN position during the second half of the program. Once hired into their permanent unit, they will begin the process of transitioning into that department under the guidance of an experienced preceptor.

Frequently Asked Questions from applicants