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Meet Dr. Margo Roemeling

Margo Roemeling, MD recently completed her Cascades East Rural Residency at the Cascades East Family Medicine Clinic and has continued her practice with Sky Lakes as a hospitalist and primary care physician. Hospitalists are experts in taking care of people while they are in the hospital and are available 24/7 to you or your loved one while receiving care at Sky Lakes as an inpatient. Dr. Roemleing will also be a primary care physician at Sky Lakes Primary Care Clinic half time.

Dr. Roemeling decided to stay in Klamath Falls with Sky Lakes after her residency with Cascades East, "I had a phenomenal residency experience here and felt so at home at Sky Lakes. I really love our hospital, our medical community, and living in Klamath so when I was offered a chance to stay and practice here, it felt like a no-brainer."

Growing up in a rural area outside of Albany, Oregon Dr. Roemeling has "always felt the most at home and at peace in small communities. Klamath Falls, like most rural areas, experiences significant health disparities compared to our urban counter-parts. I care about this community and want to help improve our health outcomes in whatever small or large ways I can... I'm excited to get to know my new patients and clinic staff."

Here is a little more from Dr. Roemeling:

"I feel lucky to work in such a beautiful place (both the building and the outdoor surroundings!). I love the sunshine, the mountains, our gorgeous lakes, and all of the outdoor opportunities so close to my home."

Welcome to your new position Dr. Roemeling, we are so happy you decided to stay!