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Bike, Hike, Run, and Walk in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls has a variety of biking, hiking, running, and walking routes accessible to residents and visitors that are friendly to all types of experiences.

Whether you are someone who bikes to work or enjoys hiking on the weekends, Klamath Falls has a lot to offer you. Check out Healthy Klamath's list of the best hikes in the area.

Downtown Klamath Falls is easily walkable and has plenty of shopping and restaurant options as well as public parks and spaces to visit. In the summertime you will find public playable pianos that are beautifully painted by local artists as part of the Klamath Piano Project around the downtown area. You can make a family game of finding and playing the pianos. These pianos also serve as perfect photo ops, you can check out the pianos at the Klamath Piano Project Instagram!

If you are interested in biking, running, or walking in and around town, the A Canal Trail is a three-mile multi-use paved route that runs through Klamath Falls along Crater Lake Parkway and the A Canal. The A Canal Trail connects many major areas in Klamath Falls from Cherry Street near Campus Drive and Sky Lakes Medical Center to Esplanade and Main Streets, and South 6th Street in the Altamont Area. This trail also intersects with the OC and E Woods Line State Trail which is Oregon's longest linear park.

The OC and E is 100 miles and begins in the heart of Klamath Falls and extends east to Bly and North to the Sycan Marsh. The section of this trail in Klamath Falls is multi-use, paved, and passes by a few areas of interest like Wiard park and the 1898 Steel Railroad Bridge.

Near Sky Lakes and OIT are the Geo Trails. These three trails are accessible via Sky Lakes and offer hikes that are under 1.5 miles each. The Sky lakes Wellness Center often hosts group Geo Trail Walks for all Sky Lakes staff.

Aside from a plethora of hiking trails at Moore park, there is now a new Bike Skills area for riders of all skills and ages to practice mountain biking.

For those looking for trails with fitness in mind, Steen Sports Park offers a Fitness Trail. This trail is 3.15 miles and has fitness stations along the trail to encourage physical activity. Steen Sports park has a variety of public outdoor and indoor activities year-round for all ages and interests.

For people looking to plan hikes or biking adventures, the Klamath Trials Alliance is the best place to go for resources, maps, and information on local trails. You can also participate in keeping trail information up to date and maintaining trails by joining the organization.

This year the Sky Lakes Wellness Center and Healthy Klamath are hosting the 2021 Klamath Trails Challenge between May 29 and September 9, 2021. You can get your official challenge passport here. Turn in your completed passport by September 9, 2021 to get a prize!

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or someone new to biking, you can always find a trail or path in Klamath Falls that you will enjoy.