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What is MyChart?

What is MyChart?

MyChart is a secure, online tool connecting you electronically to portions of your medical record.

To access MyChart, you will need an e-mail account, an Internet connection, and a personalized activation code

MyChart access is granted only to users who have registered with their clinic.  Access to health information in MyChart is secured by a personalized user name and password, known only to you.

To register for MyChart access, request your activation code while in the clinic or online at

Please e-mail us if you need help creating or accessing a MyChart account.

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Once you have registered with MyChart, you will have access to the following information:

Message Center

·         Inbox

·         Sent Messages

·         Ask Your Healthcare Team

·         Request Rx Renewal

·         Billing or Website Question



Contains messages sent to you in MyChart from your healthcare provider or clinic

Sent Messages

Contains messages you have sent to your healthcare provider(s)

Ask Your Healthcare Team

Allows you to send a message to your healthcare team

Request Rx Renewal

Allows you to request prescription renewal

Billing or Website Question

Allows you to ask a billing question

(Starting Aug. 2015)

Allows you to send a message to technical support staff if you are experiencing technical issues in MyChart

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·         Upcoming Appointments

·         Past Appointments

·         Cancel an Appointment

·         Request an Appointment


Upcoming Appointments

Lists upcoming appointments you have with your healthcare provider(s)

Past Appointments

Lists past appointments with your healthcare provider(s)

Cancel an Appointment

Allows you to cancel an appointment

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice if possible

Request an Appointment

Allows you to send a message to schedule a non-urgent appointment with your healthcare provider based on your reason for visit, preferred date, and preferred time

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My Medical Records

·         Test results

·         Current Health Issues

·         Medications

·         Allergies

·         Immunizations

·         Health Summary

·         Download Summary

·         Hospital Admissions

·         Who’s Accessed My Record?


Test Results

Summary of lab test results sent by your provider via MyChart

Current Health Issues

Summary of any current health issues


Summary of your current medications


Summary of your allergies and other irritants


Summary of your previous immunizations

Health Summary

Gives you a summary of your current health issues, current medications, allergies, and immunizations as well as medical, surgical, and family history

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Billing and Insurance

·         Billing Account Summary

·         Insurance Summary

·         Coverage Details


Billing Account Summary (Starting Aug. 2015)

View account details, view payment history, and pay your bill online using a credit card

Insurance Summary

See detailed information regarding your insurance plan on file with us

Coverage Details

View coverage details or ask a specific question regarding your coverage

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My Account

·         My Family’s Records

·         Administrative Info

·         Wallet Card

·         Change Password

·         Notifications

·         Set Preferences

·         Terms and Conditions


My Family’s Records

If you have set up a Proxy Access to a family member’s medical record in MyChart, access that information here*

Administrative Info

Contains your personal information such as address, phone number, e-mail address, and primary care provider.

Wallet Card

Print wallet-sized cards summarizing your demographic information, current medications, allergies, healthcare issues, insurance, and contacts.

Change Password

Change your password and update your security question and answer


Receive notifications that alert you to messages, test results, reminders, and appointments.

Set Preferences

Make changes to your personal preferences on file with the clinic and submit a message with your personal information.

Terms and Conditions

Lists the terms and conditions for the use of MyChart

*Please note:

For children age 0-14, parent or guardian will be granted full access to the child’s MyChart record.


For children age 14-17, parent or guardian will be granted partial access to the child’s MyChart record (i.e., immunizations).  Children age 14-17 can register for their own MyChart access by completing the appropriate form.  When the child reaches age 18, parent/guardian will no longer have any access to the child’s MyChart record.


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