The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). To read the answer to each question, please click on the question.


What is a Medicare SUMMARY NOTICE?

The MEDICARE SUMMARY NOTICE is an information document that Medicare sends to you after it has processed your medical claims. The SUMMARY NOTICE provides you with information about the payment status of your bill.
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Will Medicare cover my outpatient procedure?

Typically, Medicare will pay for medically necessary acute care services ordered by your physician. There are many things your Medicare benefits will not cover (screening exams or preventive medicine services, for example) and many services that must meet medical a necessity screen, and the diagnostic reason stated by your physician. In some cases you may even be required to sign an advance beneficiary notice indicating that you have been informed that Medicare will not cover the costs of certain services.
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Will I have to pay any money for my hospital visits?

As a Medicare patient, you could be responsible for some significant charges that are related to, co-insurance, deductible and non-covered charge amounts. If you do not have a secondary or supplemental insurance coverage, please contact Patient Financial Services, 541-274-6699, if your medical bill is a financial hardship.
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I was admitted to the hospital on one day but there are charges on the detail bill for a few days prior. Why is that?

The Medicare 72-hour rule says that the billing of outpatient services rendered just prior to an inpatient stay must be included on the inpatient bill.
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