Shopping for Insurance

Here are some helpful questions to consider as you shop for health insurance.

Does the plan...

  • Charge a premium in addition to the Medicare Part B premium?
  • Charge copayments for doctor visits?
  • Pay for prescriptions? How much?
  • Charge more if I use a doctor or hospital outside the plan? How much?
  • Have maximum amounts it will pay for different services?
  • Set limits on what doctors and hospitals charge you?
  • Charge a deductible or coinsurance for inpatient hospital services, home health, or skilled nursing facility services?
  • Does the plan cover the drugs I use?
  • May I use my regular pharmacy?
  • Are mail-order pharmacies available?
  • What is the annual or quarterly dollar limit on prescription drug coverage?
  • Will I have to pay more if I prefer to use brand name instead of generic drugs?
  • Is there a maximum out-of-pocket cost for prescription drugs? What is it?
  • Does the plan limit the drugs it pays for to those on a list of drugs (called a formulary)?
  • Are my doctors in the plan?
  • Routine physicals?
  • Eye exams, glasses, contacts?
  • Dental exams/treatments?
  • Programs that focus on helping members with specific, chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or heart conditions?
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