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born on 2/29/2016 at 4:26 PM
to parents, Aaron and Kiara
born on 2/29/2016 at 4:42 AM
to parents, Brandon and Amanda
born on 2/28/2016 at 1:19 AM
to parents, Nathanial and Brandi
born on 2/25/2016 at 1:21 PM
to parents, Richters and Rachel
born on 2/25/2016 at 1:15 PM
to parents, Richters and Rachel
born on 2/8/2016 at 12:44 PM
to parents, Christopher and Seya
born on 2/7/2016 at 12:06 PM
to parents, Brandon and Brittney
born on 2/6/2016 at 7:44 PM
to parents, Bill and Samantha
born on 2/5/2016 at 12:36 AM
to parents, Lorenzo and Marisela
born on 2/3/2016 at 4:09 PM
to parents, Shawn and Astrid
born on 2/2/2016 at 10:08 PM
to parents, Jay and Lori
born on 2/2/2016 at 6:08 PM
to parents, Robert and Lauren
born on 2/2/2016 at 1:16 PM
to parents, Daniel and Nicole
born on 1/31/2016 at 7:53 PM
to parents, Narciso and Amanda
born on 1/28/2016 at 3:22 AM
to parents, Andrew and Desarey
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