Orthopedic Care

Our Orthopedics Department and staff partner with leading medical specialists to provide treatment for a full range of orthopedic problems. Our treatments and surgeries address injuries related to the spine, hip and knee, as well as advanced techniques in joint replacement.

The Orthopedics and Neurology units on the second floor provides nursing care to patients who have had surgical procedures related to orthopedics or neurology as well as care for stroke patients, patients who have suffered some type of orthopedic or neurological trauma or disorder.

The Surgical Unit, also on the second floor, cares for patients pre and post-operatively who have had a wide range of surgical procedures or may be receiving tests to determine if surgery is needed.

Use our LiveSmart Online Health Resources Library to learn more about your condition.

Call 541-882-6311 to learn a patient's location or to talk to a nursing manager on the units.

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