Month 9

It's month 9 and in a few short weeks, your baby will be here! You've still got time to plan and organize what you need to accomplish before your baby is born. After this month, your organizational concerns will be focused on childcare and self-care of yourself after the birth.

  Pack Your Bags
Prepare your tote bag and keep it in a visible place. It's easy to get confused in the excitement of labor and the last thing you want is to have to hunt for your bag. If you need new pajamas, robe or slippers for photos after childbirth, it's now or never for that shopping spree. Also think ahead for tucking in your glasses, makeup and other beauty products.
  Arrange Breastfeeding Classes, Consults
To learn everything you can about breastfeeding, call a Sky Lakes Family Birth Center lactation specialist for information. If you've decided to use pacifiers, be sure you buy several newborn, safety-size pacifiers.  
  Organize Diaper Supplies
If you have decided to use cloth diapers, you'll need to get all of your supplies in order. If you're going with disposables, remember to select newborn as well as a pack or two of the next size up in your chosen brand, to be sure you have a variety for any size baby.
Diaper supplies to have in stock: 

      Diapers in newborn size
      Diaper pail for storing dirties
      Diaper pins or Velcro-closing diaper covers
      Diaper covers (plastic)
      Baby wipes
      Wash cloths
      Diaper rash ointment
      Baby powder

For Second Time Moms:
  Tour and pre-register at the Family Birth Center if you haven't already done so. Although you've been through this before, it's good to review the hospital or birthing center's facility.  
  Arrange childcare now for the time you will be in the hospital. Continue preparing your child/children for their new brother or sister. Ask the Family Birth Center about the free “Sibling” classes. 
  Be sure you have a special game or toy on hand to occupy your children when the new baby comes home and to let them know you were especially thinking of them. 
  Pack the Freezer
It's time to consider making some meals and freezing them. In those first busy days after the baby comes home, you will be too busy to cook, but it is important for you to eat well.

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